Strong-as-steel craftmanship

Our competitive advantages include versatile machining equipment, experience and efficient teamwork.

We at CNC Machining know how to implement orders requiring dimensional accuracy at the precision of one thousandth of a millimetre, but we are also able to solve problems and turn rough visions scribbled on a piece of paper into concrete components. Our expertise is available to our customers from the very first contact, and we value our customer relationships by being flexible, reliable and efficient in everything we do.

Who are we?

Joensuun CNC Machining Oy, established in 2007, is a contract supplier of industrial precision components and products. Our employees are top experts, and our machinery and equipment represent the cutting edge of the industry.

We provide reliable and accurate services ranging from demanding CNC machining to 5-axis machining, and with our network of contract manufacturers we are able to offer our customers all-inclusive services from design to finished products. Our customers include forestry, mining and environmental technology companies. Apart from versatile services, our competitive advances also include modern machinery and equipment and, above all, the strong craftsmanship and work attitude of our employees. With us, the whole is exactly the sum of its parts – whether the question is about the product or the team making the product.

Our mission is to promote Finnish industry globally, and our vision is to be our customers’ primary choice for a provider of metal industry products and services.  We comply with the highest possible quality criteria in all our activities, and we are committed to the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

Our values

Profitable, growing company

Our ambition to grow with our customers is high. Our investments are carefully considered and mainly based on the needs of our customers and on our future plans. Our efficient operating model, Lean thinking and cost-effective processes ensure competitive and profitable products and services.

Our employees’ wellbeing, safety and job satisfaction

We create a safe and pleasant working environment for our employees, and we do not compromise their wellbeing or safety.  We want to earn our employees’ trust and respect by offering them challenging and responsible tasks and by actively developing the working atmosphere and comfort.

Long-term partnerships

Mutual trust and respect with our customers are extremely important to us.  We want to create long-term customer relationships and support our customers by providing them with versatile and cost-effective services.

Our vision

We will be our customers’ primary choice for a provider of metal industry related subcontract products and services. We will offer the most sought after jobs in the industry.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote Finnish industry globally. Our company focuses on the production of subcontract products and services for the needs of industrial enterprises. We specialise in the production of components and subassemblies mainly for the machine and metal industry. We keep up with the latest trends in the industry and utilise modern technology in the production of our products and services. We continuously develop our operations for the benefit of our customers.

Our strategy

Our strategy is based on our mission to promote Finnish industry and on our vision to be our customers’ primary choice for a provider of metal industry products and services. We will succeed in implementing our strategy by growing our market position in the machine and metal industry and by offering our customers all-inclusive* product and service deliveries. Specialisation in 5-axis machining, active product development in cooperation with the customers and prototype production will promote the creation of deep, long-term customer relationships. Our well-established operating model, compliance with the quality policy, effective utilisation of our ERP system and continuous development will enable us to grow our market position. We will also consider expansion to global markets a possible alternative for us.

*An all-inclusive product/service includes all the work and materials required by the customer, for example, drawings, 3D models, materials, work phases, surface treatments and delivery of products or assemblies at the right time and in correct quantities.