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We specialise in light and mid-heavy CNC machining, and the uses of the components that we make include heavy machinery, such as forest, mining and road maintenance machines. The performance of our machining equipment is at its best in a workpiece size category of 1–2500 kg. Our key expertise covers milling, turning and mill-turn multitasking.

Our extensive network allows us to offer our customers all the required services ranging from design to manufacturing and assembly. Apart from versatile services, our competitive advances also include modern machinery and equipment and, above all, the strong craftsmanship and work attitude of our employees. With us, the whole is exactly the sum of its parts – whether the question is about the product or the team making the product.

The supplementary services available through us include flame and laser cutting, bending, welding, surface treatment (powder and wet coating, zinc plating, hardening) and grinding.

Our customers operate in global markets, which requires that we offer them world-class services. To be successful in the competition, we continuously develop and upgrade our manufacturing methods and equipment.


Well begun is half done. Our strength arises from our ability design for manufacturability and such manufacturing processes that guarantee functional components and durable products. Thanks to the modern SolidWorks software that our 3D design service utilises, product design starting from the scratch is not a problem for us. We also design the fixtures we use in the manufacturing of our products, and we are happy to participate in our customers’ product development.

Up-to-date 3D-models, drawings and revision control keeps our customers well informed and the product will always be as it was designed. Our team can design products from sheet metal constructions all the way to demanding 5-axis machined parts.



The complexity of the component in terms of design or form does not pose limits to our team – on the contrary! Challenges offer us opportunities to create new solutions. CAM programming based on a 3D model and our modern machining centres ensure a precise all-round end result, whether the question is about 3-, 4- or 5-axis machining. All our programs are done using customer’s 3D-model or DXF/DWG-geometry file. If needed we will create accurate 3D-models based on customer’s drawing specifications.


Our modern CNC operated machining centres allows us to make multiform products of up to 5000 kg. The machining areas of the largest products may be 5000x1350x2000 mm, and in special cases, the machining area may be increased.  The precision of one thousandth of a millimetre is guaranteed by our highly skilled personnel, the precision tools used in our machines and 3D measuring sensors.



The system that is based on CAM programming ensures a precise shape.  The machining can be performed based on the customer’s solid model or on tool paths created in a DFX/DWG file.

Mill-Turn Multitasking

Our new equipment enables an accurate, efficient end result. For example, 5-axis machining can be performed with both the main and the counter spindle. The shape of the end product may vary extensively.

Measuring services

We guarantee the quality of our own product, but we also provide our customers with product measuring services. Our modern coordinate measuring machine makes it possible to ensure the accuracy of highly demanding geometric tolerances. In connection with the measurement, we produce a measurement report, if necessary, with the customer’s data. The results can also be compared with a 3D solid model and the deviations presented in a graphical format in the report.

Project work, assemblies and prototype production

In the course of years, we have implemented customer-driven projects and made components and spare parts for sawing and assembly lines, agricultural and forest machinery and other industrial machinery and equipment.

We listen to our customers’ wishes and deliver the structures fully assembled or packed in accordance with set requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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